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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 380-January 15, 2015

I still didn't get the labeling done on my catalogs because I was at the funeral home. My best friend lost her dad and there was no way I was not going to be there for her. Life gets in the way sometimes. I plan on doing that tonight. I am calling my Director on my lunch break today because I want to talk to her about setting up at the baseball games, what to order for my inventory, as well as talk to her about temptation boxes and goody bags. I will also, if I have time, on my lunch break will be looking into some other ideas but Google some things today too.

The weather today is gloomy and cold and I really just want to be at home but can't. This just keeps it in my head how bad I want to work from home. I am going to talk to hubby tonight about doing an event at the house and maybe doing it as an open house or as a by appointment only kind of thing. I will talk to my director today about that. I can invite my friends that are local but also can post in the yard sale groups. Maybe get some bookings or some sales that way. That would be a great way to get things going I think. I will see what she says. If it is by appointment only then I will have an idea of how many people will show up but open house you never know. I might even look into the 5 party day and see what I can get done that way and tell everyone that everyone that shows up gets in a drawing for a free facial and then use the facial samples as the gift and do a Facial in a Bag idea so everyone wins. I can get them to fill out the profiles and that be the entry forms.

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