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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 372-January 7, 2015

I have made my $35000 list and here is what I plan to accomplish today.

  • Book 5 You and 2's or 15 faces.
  • Get orders for 25 items (@ Play items are $10)
  • Recruit 5 people (or at lease set up meetings with them)
  • Post more on the pic contest that I posted yesterday
  • Book ladies for my portfolio for the skin care line
I think that these things will be able to be accomplished. I just have to start texting and messaging them. I am also going to start looking at my list of 150 women and start messaging them about doing a small survey that I am coming up with questions for. I will give them the option to do the survey and then tell them that they go into a drawing for a free gift and it will be one of the mini Satin Hands sets.

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