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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 371-January 6, 2015

I received some flyers in my email yesterday for the month of January. I am planning on working a couple of them. I have to take a picture of the one flyer and then I will be posting my contests as well as how I am going to do the other challenge from my director. Here is what I have.

  1. To do 15 faces in January (5 You and 2 Beauty Classes)
  2. Get more than 25 items ordered for January
  3. Get 5 team members on my team for January
These are the things I am planning on doing. I have a couple of ways to do these.

15 Faces in January--Book ladies for my portfolio. Do the skin care on them and take before and after pictures and then have them do a profile/survey

Get 25 items ordered in January--Do an @ Play sale. All items are $10 and I will see how many I can get ordered. I am going to try for 100 items and then once we get there I will pick a person to get a $50 gift certificate to spend with me.

Get 5 team members--I will talk to several people and get them to sign up. If they don't have the money I will do a party for them or a catalog show for them and help them raise the money and then what customers they get from their party or show will be their customers. They will start with a customer base already set up.

Let's see if this works.

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