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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 357-December 23, 2014

Tonight I am filling goody bags. I have the small snack sized baggies that I can put them in. They will have one sample and one business card. I am still looking at places to set up but also have to make my sign tonight to put in the window of my car with my info on it. I am just putting my name and email address and website. I will not put my address or phone number on them. On the back of the business cards I will put that they get a 10% discount on their first order. Maybe that will help get them to order but will still give me some leads and I can use the surveys for ideas on what to buy for my inventory.

I heard back from my upline (director) and we are having our conference call tonight. She will get with me about the 150 list.

I still have to measure the squares on my girls baby blankets to get an idea of the size I need. I have seen quilts sold for $75-150 each depending on the size. I am going to start with throw blankets and go from there. I may also ask my quilting friend what would be the best project to start with.

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