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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 351-December 17, 2014

Wouldn't you know it I would be sick today. I have this horrible cold and body aches and only thing not wrong with me is I don't have a fever...knock on wood. I am still here at work because I can't afford to miss work to be sick. I don't think I am going to be done with the bookmarks in time for the kids' parties in the morning so I am just going to tell the kids that they can take them when they come back to school after the new year and that will give me time to get the bags filled more with candy and such.

I finally heard back from my upline. Turns out she was out with family issues but is back and sending me things to help me succeed. I still have to message the ones that another consultant gave me to contact for ideas and help. I have been looking online for how to make lead boxes to put in different places. Then all I have to do is figure out where to get the sheets to fill out. I am also going to post online about getting people to do a survey and also offer 10% off all orders when a survey is filled out. Then also a drawing for a mini satin hands set. I have three of those.

I am putting my LBE business on hold as far as advertising until I get more inventory built up. I have several other things I want to make to add to the website before I really get it going full force. That may take a while though but it will be worth it.

I plan on sitting on the couch tonight messaging people and also offering gift certificates for last minute gifts. See how that works.

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