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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 350-December 16, 2014

I had an epiphany this morning. I have to finish the bookmarks for the kids parties that I thought was on Friday but is actually on Thursday because they don't have school on Friday. So now we get into freak out mode. That is okay though because I get more done in this mode. We have bowling league tonight and then I will work on them and until about midnight or so and then work on them all afternoon tomorrow to get them done. I will have hubby pick up some candy canes for them.

I am still looking for ways to get orders with MK. I am going to keep my website up on Etsy for LBE but will concentrate on MK while I build up an inventory for my LBE. That gives me time to get things in order and decide exactly how I want to do it. I know I want to pick one item and make it in bulk before I get started on the next item. I just have to decide what to do next. I need to get material (plastic canvas, yarn, fleece, cotton fabric, etc) and get started. I have to get my sewing machine up and running. Just have to get it threaded and I will be in business. I have to get the girls' baby blankets and measure the squares so that I know what I am looking at. I still want to make my granddaughter a baby blanket as well as my grandson. I want to embroider their names into the blankets.

While I am working on getting my inventory done, I will be working on getting more orders with MK. I am going to call some of the local beauty shops about putting lead boxes in their shop. I will look on the website and see what they have that I can use to get leads. I will also see about getting a Beauty Coat to wear. I will look and see what else I can get off of the website to help me.

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