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Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 349-December 15, 2014

We are halfway through the month and almost to my 365 day goal. I am nowhere near where I need to be but will keep blogging to see how long it takes me. Seems like the first year was pretty much trial and error and figuring things out. Now that I see that I am on my own I can build from there.

As far as my LBE business, I am still going to update my FB page on what I am working on and play a few games and try to get orders there and get traffic to my Etsy page. I will continue to look at patterns but am going to start concentrating on making things in bulk like ornament sets and gingerbread houses. I will also make some hand sewn items like tote bags, change purses, and baby items. But I will concentrate more on the inventory than the orders for a while until I can get a good amount of things built up.

As for my MK business, I will keep talking to people, concentrate on building up my inventory, making bundles for cash and carry items, etc. I will be posting online about my business and even post something on craigslist and other outlets. There are a few people that hold training classes but they are on the same night as my bowling league with the church and hubby. I will figure this out. I have the names of the directors in my area with MK and will reach out to them for input.

I will be also looking into ways to get my blog noticed and post daily like I always do and tell what my plans are, my struggles, my accomplishments, etc. I am also going to use Google and Bing to get ideas for my businesses.

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