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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 344-December 10, 2014

I didn't get to work on the bookmarks last night but I brought them to work with me to work on them on my lunch break. I have to get these finished. I don't know what I will start next other than the coffee cozies for the teachers. Then I will start looking at other things to make for my LBE business and still looking for places to set up. I was going to set up this past Saturday but it was so cold and rainy I ended up not going.

I have upline about the 150 woman list. We didn't have our weekly conference call last night and still have not heard from our Director. I am going to Google the 150 wedding list training and see if I can find out what to do from here. I need to sit down and create my little baggies of sample and order more samples and more catalogs. I have to get these goody bags sent out too but having to wait until I get the rest of my Christmas gifts bought. I need to get the material to make the neck warmer for my Mother-in-law while we are out too.

I am really tired of signing up with a company just for my upline to abandon me and that is how it is feeling. Like I have been abandoned. At the beginning it is like they want nothing more than for you to succeed and then after the new wears off you are on your own. I like Mary Kay and have always thought the products were pretty good but then now it seems like they are just like every other company that is out there. I will have to do this on my own and will not worry about contacting my upline again. There is a local Director that has "adopted me" and I spoke to her one time. Then turned around and she was telling me about her meetings each week and told me that she charges for the classes because she actually talks you through how to do a class so she tells you to bring at least one person with you. I have been thinking about doing that but I am not really wanting to do the beauty classes. I can and will do this on my own. I will meet with people one on one to look at the catalog and go from there. I will also start using my commissions (or a portion) to get items for my inventory.

After Christmas I am going to make a ton of things for babies (bibs, changing pads, burp rags, etc) and make baskets to take to the local OBGYN offices and also to the local delivery departments at the hospitals for display to get orders. I will also see about posting in some of the pregnancy groups on FB. I just have to get the items made. I may also put a baby blanket in there as well.

I will also look at cash and carry items for MK.

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