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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 343-December 9, 2014

Tonight is bowling league. I worked on bookmarks after the kids went to bed and only have about 10 more to finish. I am still dealing with a sick little one but she seems to be getting a little better. I am going to work on the rest of the bookmarks after bowling tonight and hopefully get them finished.

I still have not heard from my upline and don't even know if there will be a conference call tonight. I have not heard from her and neither has my friend that I signed up under. I am starting to get worried because she never goes this long without checking in and returning emails.

I still don't know what all I want to do about the 150 woman list. I think I will use like I was thinking about and getting addresses and seeing about getting postcards or something sent out. I will look on the website and see what I can find to send out. I know it will be a lot for the stamps but that is okay. I have to do this to get my name out there.

I have to post some on my LBE and MK Facebook pages but don't know how I want to post. I was thinking about still getting a YouTube video page called Journey to a SAHM or something like that. Maybe something like MK Momma. I will figure out the name. I want to feature not only my MK but my LBE business. Maybe call it LadyBug Talks or LadyBug Queen Speaks or something like that. I will figure it out.

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