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Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 342-December 8, 2014

It is Monday morning and I still have not heard from my upline. I will figure this out on my own. I have done it before. I worked on the bookmarks some yesterday but didn't get them done because of taking care of a sick little one. Poor baby has this horrible cold and it's making her miserable.

Here is my plan for today. When I get off work I will be working non-stop on the bookmarks until I get them done. Then I will start cutting the pieces for the coffee cozies and start those. I have to find out when their Christmas party is for sure to know when to have everything done by. I have to get the baggies and the candy and things for them this week to be on the safe side. It won't be much but still something. My kids are getting so big and I only have a couple of years left of this for them.

After I get these done I am going to look for some patterns for some gingerbread houses to start as well as some ornament sets to get done. That way I will have all year to get Christmas things done. I will start the stockings for next year in March so that I have time to get them done since they take so long to do. I can give an ornament set or a gingerbread house to the teachers next year.

Now,  as far as my businesses go I will find a place to set up once my business cards get here. I will sell my crafts but then I will also have MK catalogs set out and let them know I also sell MK. I will also be looking at addresses for the businesses and offices around my area to deliver baskets to for both businesses. I will do this all on my own.

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