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Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 339-December 5, 2014

Finally Friday. I still feel a little under the weather but still kicking. We have our granddaughter staying with us for a few days and I will only be able to work on my crafts while she is sleeping. I still have a few more bookmarks left to finish so should be done by tomorrow I hope and then I can cut the pieces for the coffee cozies. I still have to find something to do with the 4"x4" squares of fabric that I have. I think I might make some potholders or some fabric coasters with them. I will look online for things to make out of scrap pieces. I can also make some fabric blocks for the baby. Just embroider little things on them for her.

I will also be working on my MK business. I have to get the five goody bags done and get them mailed out tomorrow. I will text them all today and tell them who won the free gift. I will write each one a little note and put my info on it. I am also going to get a small piece of poster board and put my MK decal on it and my contact info to set in the window when we are out. I will get all of that done this weekend.

I am still waiting to hear back from my upline about the 150 woman list that she had me make last weekend. She emailed us Tuesday night and told us that the conference call was cancelled and that she would update us soon but we have not heard back from her. I am getting worried. I will, however, figure this out on my own. I will look on and get the addresses of these ladies on my list and mail them out a greeting card telling them about my business and how I would love to help them. Maybe that will help. I just have to figure out what all I want it to say and how to go about doing it. I can get a couple of stamp books a week and get them all mailed out. I will also go online and tell them that I would love to add them to my mailing list and get to them that way.

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