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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 338-December 4, 2014

Didn't do much last night because I was not feeling good. I have started getting this cold and it sucks. I feel horrible and we are getting the grandbaby tonight. I am going to try to work on more of the bookmarks. Hubby would not let me do much last night. He knew I was not feeling well and didn't have a good day at my day job and he was trying to help me the best he could, bless his heart. He normally sleeps on the couch when I have to work but last night he slept in the bed with me and cuddled me because he knew I felt horrible.

As far as my home business goes, I want to work on the bookmarks and hopefully finish them by Sunday and then will get on the coffee cozies. I am still thinking about doing swag bags but have to come up with another name for them. I want to target local businesses. I will make 100 bags for $10 filled with little things from each business. Only one business per bag so that there is no competing. Then I can go around to office buildings and around the flea market and different places around town and hand them out for people. I just have to figure out how to get that out there. I will also be doing this for my MK business and my LBE business too. I can get the bags cheap on Amazon. I will talk to hubby about adding this and see what he thinks. It would be extra money. I could pick up the material from the companies or get ink for my printer and print out what they email me and then take it somewhere to get copies done. I would have to see what it would cost per hundred sheets. That is just a thought though.

I am so tired and hate being here. I really just want to be at home. I know I sound like I am whining but it is true. I really don't like my job anymore. People that have not been here as long as me trying to act like my boss. I just have to keep motivated. Thinking about getting mom to help me make a ton of things but don't know about that yet.

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