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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 336-December 2, 2014

I didn't work on my crafts last night because I was not feeling well and neither was my youngest daughter. We just piled up and watched TV and played games on the tablet. I have bowling league tonight and will be working on more bookmarks while I watch my show tonight.

I am still not feeling well today but this is the kind of day that I want to be sitting on the couch with my crafts and covered up with a comforter and just relaxing. My crafts are kind of my therapy. I conjure up a new creation when I am stressed. It is like I put everything bothering me into every stitch. I have even taught all three of my girls to do my crafts.

I am finishing the bookmarks and starting the cozies this week for sure. I am forcing myself to. I like it better when I have customized orders because it seems I stay more motivated. Once I finish these items I will start looking for my next creation. I have to get my inventory built up. Once I get enough things together to set up, I will start by setting up out back of the flea market in the outside booths and see how I do and then work my way inside. There are two in my area so I will have to look at which one has the bigger crowd and talk to some of the vendors about how many actual customers they get on average. Then I will decide. I will also look at the Farmer's Market and see about the vendors and customers there.

I plan on making blankets and quilts too. I love to embroider so I will have to look at some patterns. You can pretty much turn any picture into an embroidery pattern. I made my 150 woman list like my director asked me to and called her last night like I was supposed to and she was not there. I emailed her and am just waiting on a response.

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