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Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 333-November 29, 2014

Spent the day watching movies and working on the bookmarks for the goody bags. I have to make 40 of them and I have about half of them done. I can get the rest done tonight or tomorrow I hope. Then I have to make the coffee cozies for the teachers. I tried to work on my MK business but could not get any responses. I am going to look at some things to make after my Christmas gifts are done. I have a few ideas going for my craft business though.

I am thinking about setting up somewhere in town on Saturday and hopefully will get some of the items sold that I have made. But then again I am also thinking about holding on to those and just building up an inventory. I will decide before the weekend. I am also looking at ideas for my Cyber Monday sale.

I was told by my MK Director to make a list of 150 women that are in my life. I am supposed to call her on Monday night with the list and we will go from there. I am still trying my MK business but will be working more on my craft business. I need to get more material though.

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