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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 330-November 26, 2014

Just a few more hours and I get to start my three day weekend and my crafting marathon. I am still working on some things with MK but I am concentrating more on my crafts. I still have a ton of little things bagged up to give out as samples and thinking about setting up somewhere this weekend to hand things out and set up my table with what I have made on it to make some extra money. I just have to get everything out and tag my business card to it with the price on the back. I have to take stock of what I have and see about getting some more canvas as well as seeing what I can make with the scrap pieces that I have.

I am feeling really motivated and will have my girls stuffing the cards into baggies to add to my sample set. I will also make some awareness ribbons to put in there and also make some little lapel pins and key fobs. I still have to get the material cut for the coffee cozies but trying to decide if I have enough material left for that. I love the idea but don't know exactly what I have left. I am going to search today online and make my list of plastic canvas and sewn items to see what I can make and what I want to add to my inventory. I am thinking about getting some fleece and making the no sew blankets but looking at making some stuffed monsters and seeing how that fairs out.

I am also adding centerpieces and party favors to my list of items and will still customize the occasional order if need be. I can't put items on my website that have things that are copyrighted but I have been known to make them for gifts. I am getting really excited about my plans for this business. I will also make items that will be featured items around each holiday. I will have ornament sets and door hangings as well as wreaths for all of the holidays and military items and patriotic items for 4th of July and Veterans day.

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