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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day 329-November 25, 2014

It is still early in the week and I didn't get much done last night. I was spending time with my kids and grandbaby while hubby was fishing. I did post on Facebook last night about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials but also posted about the goody bags. I now have 5 of the 10 that are claimed. Then I will start booking you and two meetings to look at the newest catalog and check out a couple of products. But I will wait until December 1st to do the bookings.

I am feeling really tired and my head is hurting but I will be working on the bookmarks this evening. They don't really take that long to make either. I have been really trying to figure out how to do the coffee cozies but I need to stop stressing about it until I get to them. I don't think I will embroider anything on them. Just make the solid colors. I do want to go to one of the local quilting shops and take a couple of bags and get scraps to make quilts to sell. I can get a bag full (as much as I can fill in it) for $3. That is not a bad deal.

I have been thinking about this for a long time and have decided for sure this is what I want to do. I want to have my own storefront for sure. Maybe, someday turn it into a direct sales business when I get a lot better at making things but I really do want to have a storefront. I will start with the flea market booth and build from there. Every item that I sell from here out will go into my paypal account that I only use as a savings account to get more material with and then only use what I have to. I will be making no sew blankets and baby blankets and such. I will be embroider little things on the panels. I will get my daughters' baby blankets to measure the panels to see how large my grandmother did them to see what I need. I am really getting excited about this but it might take me more than the 365 days to get there but I will keep up this blog to see how long it takes me to be my own boss.

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