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Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 325-November 21, 2014

Here it is, Friday. I am tired and exhausted and ready for the weekend. We still have our son here with us until next weekend so we are happy for now. It is going to be depressing when we have to let him go back to base but he will be back for Christmas.

I am working on the bookmarks still and planning out how to do the coffee cozies. I have emailed my upline about what to do to get sales for my MK business and just waiting to hear back. I am planning out my Black Friday sale. I will have the orders mailed to me and then I will send them out. I have to post on FB too. I have the flyer that my upline sent me so that will help. I have it set up where if they place an order with me on my website that it will email me the order stating what they ordered and then tells them that I will contact them with their total so that I can give them the discount.

I am also going to work on some other things with my craft business to get things put up for me to open up my storefront at the flea market. My goal is to open up at the flea market by Spring so that even if I can't get one of the booths inside I can get one of the booths out back and not freeze my butt off. I will have the bookmarks finished this weekend and get the coffee cozies started. I have to get my sewing machine threaded up first though.

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